Coast Centre activity

Banjo Paterson’s poetry

Yesterday afternoon here at The Coast Centre a crowd of 90 members and friends enjoyed a mesmerising afternoon of Banjo Paterson’s verse and tales presented by  Jim Haynes OAM.

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Singing Changes Your Brain

Time Magazine article by Stacey Horn states “Singing not only improves brain function, it improves mood and reduces stress. Studies have discovered singing is like a perfect tranquilizer that soothes the nerves and elevates mood….”

Here at the Coast Centre we have two singing groups.

Our Choir Group

Other Classes

Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Australians

Hi I thought this NHS Choices article about “How much physical activity do older adults need to do to stay healthy” is really interesting so I thought I would share it with you.

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Laugh Your Way to Health

Research is showing that a joke a day could keep the doctor away. By Tamra Mercieca

Laughter is a release of tension, like an orgasm or a sneeze or urinating after a long wait for the bathroom.