If there is one thing the Coast Centre makes clear, it is that age is no barrier to having a great time and loving life. What an excellent example you set for the younger generation; …teaching them that age is just a number and you can never be too old to learn a new skill, set a new goal or dream a new dream.

They say that the minute we cease to grow and learn is the minute we begin to be old. So as I look around me at all the opportunities and classes offered here at the Coast Centre, I realise this is a youth

There is still so much adventure and excitement and learning still to be had, and this is the place it is happening.

Congratulations on creating such an impressive centre and reminding us all that age is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.

Mayor Lindsay Shurey Mayor of Randwick City Council

I’d like commend the Coast Centre on all the wonderful work you do. It’s well-known the important role that grandparents play in our society, offering care, love and guidance to your children and grandchildren.

I’d like to acknowledge the amazing work of the Coast Centre, and the importance of grandparents within our community.

It has been, and will continue to be, a great pleasure to be at the Coast Centre.

Deputy Mayor Alexandra LuxfordDeputy Mayor or Randwick City Council

Classes at the Coast Centre have meant a lot to me.

I first joined the Centre in 2006 to practice Italian for some upcoming singing parts.  At the time, I was singing with the Sydney Philharmonia. I first joined them as a baritone in 1954. I left the Philharmonia in 2010 after a thrilling 56 years – We had a ball. I sang at the opening of the Sydney Opera House in 1973, at the Bicentennial at the Opera House in 1988 and all over the world: Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, England. There were wonderful Festivals everywhere too; when we sang with some of the best voices in the world, including Pavorotti –  It was terrific.

I joined the St Mary’s Cathedral Choir too in 2003. I’m still in that choir and am a Life Member of the Choir Committee.

The Italian classes turned out to be a tremendous amount of fun, thanks to the tutor, Maria Lo Guidice, so I have stayed on and never looked back.

Thank goodness I had the class at the Centre to come to when I was diagnosed with the auto immune disease, Polymyalgia (PM) in 2011. Polymyalgia is a type of arthritis and it is extremely painful. I played tennis until I was 80 and when I  developed this disease, it was a terrible shock. I had already developed cancer of the prostate in my 70’s, but PM was a different story.

When the Centre started offering Tai Chi classes for Arthritis in March 2013, I jumped at the opportunity at improving my mobility and reduce pain. Tai Chi did that and gave me a new lease on life.

Warwick Anderson, 87Pharmacist and Operatic singer

I have been a member for several years now; since my retirement, and I have to say it must be the best and most professionally run Seniors Centre ever. The location is ideal and the dedicated staff do a sterling job maintaining a high standard of services and always in the best interests of the members.

The variety of classes they provide is amazing – several different types of dance classes, language classes, fitness classes specifically for seniors, yoga and meditation , computer classes, a host of activities such as learning to play cards, table tennis, walking groups, movie groups, day trips away and more. Some of the classes provided have already helped so many members with mobility issues in regard to flexibility and balance. It’s a great way to make new friends or just have the occasional social interaction.”

Judith Mood Coast Centre Member

“There’s a place down at Little Bay called “Coasts,” my daughter told me. “I think you’ll like it, they have activities and classes” (she knows how I love to take classes!)  Well, what can I say? I read all the leaflets, explored the location and signed up to 1 or 2 and then 3 now 4 classes! I made new friends, special and true friends who helped me settle in, find my feet, have fun again and feel part of a community.

Thank you Coast Centre for all you do. There are too many of us struggling to cope with loss, isolation and even just the senior years. I am so grateful for the welcome I received and hope many more in the community will support and benefit from the fun, warmth and friendship the Centre offers.

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Eunice AbbeyCoast Centre Member