Hi all, Sometimes we need to get away from painting something specific. Unleash your creativity, Put on some music to inspire you and start to paint something abstract. While its not everyones choice its a good way to experiment with colour.

You don’t have to follow the examples I am attaching just paint in abstract something that interests you. Study it carefully before you start a painting. I am sending you a photo of an abstract painting of our lockdown lesson 2, the path and In my case Malabar beach. Now here is something very interesting. The first abstract painting is by my 5 year old grandson who only had my painting to look at and I was shocked at how good an impression he made of it. The blue sea with little white waves, the brown rocks, the beach, The sky and black trees or houses behind.
I thought it was fantastic and it shows you that we probably need to think like a child to convert a scene into an abstract masterpiece.

You can make an abstract out of any painting you have done but I have tried to do an abstract of my coastal pathway painting of long bay and malabar beach. I used the northern lights abstract as inspiration. I will try it a couple more times until I get a painting I am happy with.

After doing a pencil outline I mixed CERULEAN BLUE with a little BLACK -with music background- and YELLOW OCHRE with LEMON YELLOW for the beach and waves. Separately I mixed some Black for what represents rocks, waves and other features.

Now I wet upper half of page with water -pretty wet- don’t wet the centre white area.
While wet place a dark mix of your CERULEAN BLUE and BLACK in paces to achieve the two darker areas, the sky and the headland.
Let the dark mix disperse into the wet areas. Clean your brush and dab it on tissue then spread the lighter blue black mixture in lighter tones just as you see in northern lights picture.
Do the same in bottom area and when dry paint in a thick mixture of your yellows for the path , beach and some waves on rocks. use dry brush to get some texture for waves and beach.
Finally get your black mixture and paint features. Don’t overdo this like I did.
Good luck Harry