About the Centre

The Centre is a strong and vibrant community for seniors over age 55 and not in full time employment. Since it was formed in 1994 it has won various awards for services to the community.

The Little Bay Coast Centre for Seniors is located on the Old Prince Henry Hospital site at Little Bay. The site is now being redeveloped as a residential village and the Coast Centre will remain in what will be a newly renovated heritage building.

The aim of the Centre is to provide activities for physical, mental, social, cultural and artistic enrichment.

Front to Back : Robina Beard, Acting President, Helen Fatouros Secretary, Committee Members Bettina Mucsnik, Leela Hanson, Deborah Cradick, Lindsay Harden, Peter Bailey Treasurer, Linda Mearing Manager, Neville Berger  Absent Judith Mood.

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