A Letter of Gratitude from a Returning Member

Dear Coast Centre for Seniors:


I am grateful that you kept me in the loop by email after stopping activity five years ago. I received information regularly, but never moved to do anything about it.

I achieved my 75th birthday and was feeling a little lazy and lethargic after covid lockdown; I had to do something!.

I noted that “Tanya” was offering a new “Movercise” class. It sounded as if it was what I needed. I also loved the fact that it was a 9am start.


There was apprehension on returning; as it had been so long since I attended and I didn’t know if the class would be the right fit for me.

Result after three weeks of attending and being welcomed so well by Tanya and all the ladies, put all fears aside.

I felt so comfortable and welcomed and feel like I was visiting such a familiar building, being the old Prince Henry site.


Thank you to all that co-ordinate and Manage such a wonderful organisation for the seniors in our community.


Kind regards

Flavia Abela

Matraville resident for 56 years.