Open Market Day on Sunday 25 October 2015


Cook up a storm for the Centre on Sunday 25th October. Favourite stalls are cakes, jams, preserves, old wares, art, handcrafts, jewellery, giftware and books. Donations of any or ALL of these things are invited now. Get your pantry ready to bake, brew, stew and preserve those favourite recipes. Finish off those craft and art projects or just clear your cupboards of old wares and heirlooms for others to buy on this big day.

There’ll be loads of stalls, entertainment and demonstrations. The Day will be opened by the Minister for Ageing the Hon John Ajaka. The Minister will judge the Me and My Dog in Little Bay Photo show and pose for a portrait to be painted by our artists. Ukelele East will be here to entertain you with Square Dancers from the Just Bliss group here to show how to dance in squares. Our line dancers, tap dancers and ballroom dancers will strut their stuff while other demonstrations will show how to build.