Yoga with Erika


Teacher: Erika Morton

Erika has been practicing yoga for 15 years. Plagued by a bad back as a result of a broken vertebrae in her teens, suffering from digestive issues and a weight problem combined with being over worked and stressed in a corporate job, she was in need of some change.

A friend convinced her that yoga would “fix” her. It has changed her life physically and spiritually. After some searching she finally found a teacher who she related to, revealing some habits that she wasn’t even aware she had (such as resisting change). Most importantly Erika fell in love with yoga. First for the physical changes and the sense of achievement she was gaining and very slowly for other benefits such as being genuinely happy and being able to deal with stressful situations (and people) a lot better.

She decided to quit her job and took herself off to India for her 1st Ashram experience. It was just 2 weeks but she was hooked!

In the meantime Erika tried to get her mother involved in yoga.  She is fit, strong, and energetic and will give most things a go. They struggled to find a class where she would feel comfortable. After they did some classes to together, Erika had a lightening bolt moment and thought she wanted to become a yoga teacher and teach seniors. No one was more surprised than her.

Through a series of life situations, coincidences and inspirational people in her life (not least her mum!) she became a qualified Yoga teacher after 2 intensive and sometimes grueling Ashram courses over a period of 3 years. Erika has focused on creating classes suited to seniors bearing in
mind the body and life changes that mature bodies are going through and tailoring classes to benefit. She wants everyone to walk out of her class energized, strong, more relaxed and smiling.