Maria Lo Giudice 

I have been a volunteer Italian teacher at the Centre for 19 years. I got into teaching Italian at the Centre after Olga Anderson approached me about volunteering.

The best thing about what I do is, that I find teaching Italian very rewarding. Our class is friendly and the learning environment is relaxed.

On a Sunday Morning, you can find me eating bacon and eggs with my husband, relaxing in our sunny backyard; sewing or crocheting.

I enjoy good music and singing, and the company of my family and friends.

My favourite movies are ‘Roman Holiday’ (1953) and ‘Cinema Paradiso’ (1988 – Italian drama).

Of all the people I most admire, I would most like to have coffee with Sophia Loren or Connie Frances, but in reality I’d enjoy coffee most of all with my dear friends from the Centre! Being involved with these people has been most enjoyable and has kept me sane.