Erika Morton

I have been teaching Yoga at the Coast Centre for almost 5 years and teaching Yoga overall for 7 yeas. I also teach Chair Yoga and am a facilitator for Stepping On (Falls Prevention Course).

I was originally teaching Yoga at another centre that had a broad range of students and had mentioned to a student of mine, who happened to be a member of the Coast Centre, that I wanted to focus teaching Yoga to senior students. I was then introduced to the Centre.

A dream of mine was to start teaching Chair yoga and I kept hearing from people that they would love to do yoga, “but if they got down on the floor they probably couldn’t get back up”, so eventually I learned how to teach Chair Yoga and now I have 2 popular classes a week at the Centre.

I enjoy the challenge of being creative and thinking up new classes. The best thing is watching people take on the challenges of yoga and enjoying the benefits of it. When I hear feedback about how it has relieved pain, helped people to perform challenging tasks, and helped them sleep or just comments that they simply enjoyed the hour we spent together, it is bliss! I have the best job in the world!

On a Sunday Morning, especially if it is sunny, you can find me outdoors with my partner and dogs, with a coffee in hand, or maybe enjoying a yoga class or a walk.

In the future, I would love to travel to Russia and learn sign language. I also want to spread the word of yoga further, to introduce it to people who thought they would probably never do it; especially Chair Yoga.