Jan Allan 

I teach Tai Chi for Arthritis at the Centre. I began teaching after I was attending other classes at the Centre and I thought I could put my 16 years of Tai Chi into good use. I wanted to impart my knowledge and share the joy that Tai Chi has given me. I volunteered my services and have been here ever since.

The best thing about what I do is watching my students develop their co-ordination and balance and generally enjoy themselves in class.

On a Sunday Morning, you can find me with a newspaper and a coffee in hand. As a self confessed crossword addict, it is “a must” to buy the Sunday papers. I love sitting in the sun, either at home or in a congenial coffee shop where you can be left in peace to solve clues for the weekly crossword.

In the future, I want to continue with my own personal journey with the different forms and higher levels of Tai Chi and imparting this to others. I also want to continue to enjoy all things Italian by practising my conversational Italian; something I have learned at The Centre and in Rome. I’m also going to continue with my many craft projects and perhaps even finish the upholstery project!

The person I would most like to have coffee with is Dr Paul Lam, a Tai Chi Master. He has used his teaching methods to tremendous effect. I would love to tell him how inspirational he has been to me. Tai Chi grounded me and assisted me with my own health issues and it is not often that you get the luxury of spending time with someone you admire.