Dr Mary van den Berk

I teach Art with Mary, which is Acrylics and mixed media art (not watercolours) on Friday mornings. I started teaching at the Centre at the beginning of 2016 after I was recommended by Tanya Baily, who is another tutor that I attended art school with.

The best thing about what I do is helping students find their own art expression and joy in art making.

On a Sunday Morning, you can often find me at home with coffee and the papers, or out walking, visiting art galleries and having brunch. The White Rabbit art gallery in Chippendale is a favourite.

In the future, I would like to keep learning and making the best art I possibly can, as well as, continue teaching.  It is an absolute joy to see my students learning and making beautiful art. I would also like to do lots of travelling. especially to see my children scattered far and wide, and in all of these to laugh and enjoy life.

I would most like to have a coffee with Deng Adut, as I have just finished reading his Book “songs of a war boy”. He is a child soldier-turned-Sydney criminal lawyer – A remarkable man who helps other refugees here and supports his war torn homeland of Sudan. He would have been denied access to Australia under our current refugee policies.